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About Us

Highland Economics was founded on one simple principle:  

"combine outstanding economic analysis with outstanding listening

  to meet the needs of our clients."

Founded in 2013, Highland Economics is an environmental and natural resource economics consulting firm with offices in Oregon and Montana.  After a decade of working together, our principals formed the firm in 2013 on one simple premise: combine outstanding economic analysis with outstanding service to meet the needs of our clients.  As a small firm, we provide our clients with focused attention and a commitment to high quality, tailored solutions. Highland Economics is certified as a woman-owned small business (WOSB, EDWOSB).  

Our commitment to quality is evident in our approach to project management and technical review.  Every project at Highland Economics is managed by a Principal and reviewed by a Senior Advisor or Principal.  In addition to our two Principals, Highland Economics has a seasoned staff of economists.  Our experienced team has been working together for over fifteen years providing solutions to today's most challenging issues.  To complement our in-house capabilities, we have close partnerships with other consulting economists, engineers, natural resource scientists, agronomists, public outreach specialists, and GIS professionals.  At the core, our team culture is one of hard work, teamwork, fun, and a love for what we do. We do what we do for the joy of leveraging economic insights, which makes every project a pleasure for us and our clients. 

We live in a time of increasing economic uncertainty and tightened budgets, coupled with growing awareness of the social and economic importance of our natural resources and environmental quality.  It is more important than ever to understand the economic tradeoffs and consequences of our natural resource management decisions, and to generate the ‘biggest bang for the buck’ from our environmental investments. Contact us to discuss your project or natural resource management challenge - we will be forthright on whether we are a good fit for you, or help you identify who is! 

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