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Cannabis Feasibility Analysis

Highland economists combine academic training in agricultural economics and finance with experience in agriculture feasibility to conduct cannabis feasibility analysis.  We understand the economic factors that influence agricultural production and determine economic feasibility.  Our backgrounds provide a comprehensive suite of agricultural economics services.  With our extensive agricultural economics background, Highland specializes in analyzing agricultural product markets, financial feasibility, and economic rate of return of agricultural enterprises.  Due to a changing legal and social landscape, cannabis feasibility analysis requires the understanding of additional social and legal factors to answer the questions:  what is the legality of growing cannabis?  what are the social perceptions of cannabis production?  With an extensive background in agricultural economics, feasibility analysis, and demonstrated results in the field, Highland Economics is uniquely suited to help clients explore the feasibility of cannabis production.

Selected Cannabis Project

Cannabis Feasibility Analysis, Yakama Indian Reservation, Washington
Yakama Nation was interested in the economic potential of growing new crops on Tribal land, including industrial hemp.  The legal status, social perception, and economic potential of growing hemp on tribal land presented a multifaceted feasibility analysis.   In order to understand tribal perceptions of cannabis, Highland Economics undertook a comprehensive survey of tribal members.  Alongside the social aspect of growing cannabis, Highland Economics demonstrated the business feasibility of such a pursuit.      
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